Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tekanan dan Tidak Sihat

I was stressed, totally stressed, last two week. It was due to my thesis, family, works and other things, which I think it is not appropriate for me to mention it here. I had to review, entah kali yang ke berapa ntah, my thesis and that made me a little bit depress. Though I know that it is good to review my thesis many times, but doing the same thing to me it is a bit irksome. Well orang muda kan. Tapi memang I really have to thank my supervisor, Professor Dr. Mohamed Aris Othman for his patience throughout the writing of my thesis. I also have to be grateful to him for all the painstaking corrections, meticulous alterations and removal of punctuation mistakes from my thesis that has made the thesis readable. Without him and his never ending helps, encouragement and constructive suggestions, the completion of my thesis would not have become possible. I submitted my thesis to the department this morning for internal assessor. Hopefully takda masalah lagi lah….

Sebagai hadiah seminggu yang penuh dengan stress, I got this ‘body balance’ problem. I feel like floating every time I walk or sit. Macam mat pit pas amik heroin rasanya. Hehehehehehehe. So I went to see my family doctor kat Muar, Dr. Mohamad Taslim (Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri [ADUN] Johor kawasan Maharani dari Parti PAS). Hasil pemeriksaan rapi aku disahkan yang blood circulation tak sampai ke otak. Pasal tue lah duk melayang-layang. And aku tak tanya pun apa sebabnya. Tak kuasa aku nak layan. Just amik ubat and makan. Memang rasa cukup tak selesa yang amat sangat. The best part ubat tue asal makan ajer mesti tido. So kejenyer aku membutalah 24 jam. Bangun solat, makan and kemudian tido. Betol-betol mendugungkan badan. Hehehehehehe……

Dalam waktu-waktu yang stress dan tidak selesa tue (maklumlah aku nie kan tak sabar sampai ader orang cakap aku nie impatient of time!) what I did to ease the feeling ialah dengan melihat gambar-gambar Harith.

Chomel kan!! Tapi chomel laie pokcu nyer. Ahakzz!! :D

Owh just had my dinner. Of late I am quite lazy to cook. So most of the time I have a simple dinner, which I can prepare it in less than 3o minutes. Hehehehehehe :P


Benrauf said...
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daSetan_7 said...

Tingkayu..... :D

monkibizniz said...

harith n pakcu die muke sepesen..
skali pndg mcm anak branak plak..
akekek :D :D

Che underscore Lee said...

anak buah ko nyer senyum ade harapan jadi clown... macam pokcunye gak badut! :p

daSetan_7 said...

Muka sepesen chomel kan. Ahakzz!! :D

Amboi hang. Bukan main naa... :P