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On Jan 24, 2009, Hanan commented on Boycott - this is my reply)

Dear Hanan,
1. I agree entirely with you that building a great nation doesn't only take brains, but as you said it sure does help.
2. However brains alone without a heart (feelings) can produce a monster.
3. Israel is undoubtedly a great nation, becoming great through the brains and the numerous achievements you have listed. Yes I have used Israeli originated products like Microsoft Windows and Pentium chips (made in Malaysia) by Intel, an American company.
4. In fact I owe my life ultimately to Israel because there must be something invented by Israelis in the numerous instruments used in heart surgery. However most of the products used were invented and produced by Japanese.
5. I am amazed at the number of Nobel Laureates Israel has produced. I admit we have not produced even one.
6. But when the brain is without a heart it does not care for the misery resulting from the products of the brain.
7. The atom bombs which killed 100,000 men, women, children and babies are the product of Israeli (Jewish) brain. Most of the diabolical weapons now being used to kill millions of people are also the creation of Israelis on Zionist Jews. The depleted uranium and phosphorous shells being used in Gaza are also the product of Israeli brains.
8. The current financial crisis which is destroying the economies of the U.S. Britain and in fact all the countries of the world is due to manipulations of banks, financial institutions and the monetary system by Jewish supporters of Israel.
9. The negation of the freedom of speech when it comes to the alleged killings of Jews in World War II are also inspired by Zionist Jews.
10. But worse of all is the seizure of Palestinian land to create the state of Israel. Not content with the area given to the Jews by the United Nations you have seized more Palestinian land, built settlements on many parts of Palestine, disallowed the use of roads built on Palestinian land to the Palestinians, erected your own check points at the borders of Palestine with Jordan and built your version of the Berlin Wall through Palestinian villages on land that is not part of Israel.
11. Before the creation of Israel, the Jews and Arabs in Palestine lived in peace. Historically Jews had always sought refuge in Muslim countries when the Europeans conducted pogroms against them. This only stopped after the U.S. offered asylum.
12. All the terrorism that we see today, whether state initiated or by irregulars, started after the U.S. backed Israel against Arab attempts to regain their land through conventional wars. Because they were outclassed in terms of weapons by the U.S, / Israel, alliance, then only did the Arabs resort to what is called terrorism. The Israeli response have always been with greater terrorism as is seen in Gaza.
13. I have asked an American what he would do if Texas was given to the Jews to create the state of Israel. He did not answer. But I believe he would fight to get back Texas, employing all the weapons at its disposal.
14. Yet had the United States been willing to create the nation of Israel in the lands under U.S. control or in the U.S. itself, there would be no terrorism in Palestine or in the Middle East. There would be no terrorism in America either because Israel would be wiped out by the U.S. forces. The world would remain peaceful.
15. The brutality committed by your forces in Gaza is out of all proportion to the puny rocket attacks by Hamas. That attack was the result of Israel and the U.S. failing to accept the results of a properly conducted election.
16. Hamas could only establish their Government in Gaza. But you blockaded Gaza, denying them food, medicine, power, fuel etc. If you had not done that I doubt that Hamas would fire rockets at you.
17. Malaysia is well aware that total boycott of Israel is not possible. We are in fact boycotting American products which is an even more impossible task. We would not be able to bring America or Israel down.
18. But what we aim to do is to demonstrate the disgust and the anger that we feel over the inhumanity of the brainy but primitive peoples of Israel and America.
19. You can collect Nobel prizes and other prizes but the world will look down upon you as very primitive people who robbed land through terror against perfidious British and subsequently used your control over the world's greatest military power to oppress the people whom you had robbed.
20. You have nothing to be proud of, unless of course you take pride in being heartless, in being primitive brutes.
21. The only mitigating factor is the presence among Israelis of a small number who are ashamed of what you have done to the people of Gaza.

Dr. Mahathir,

Very well established a logical basis leaning on an ex Reagan administration that is having microphones and cameras in the Bush administration, Mr. Paul Craig Roberts. You are always collecting the facts not from the first source just from the second hand washed cloth. Of course an anti Jew will look on anti Jew information. You may refer to Al Qaeda humanitarian organization for more information, they have plenty of it.

You are saying:"1. I would like to have the Malaysian Armed Forces attack the United States and Israel."
Oh, great hero. You had the chance to do it while you were the PM in service. Why didn't you tried out the strength of the Malaysian army and its skills? You had a good chance to become the Muslim hero committing Jihad on the apes and monkeys. To become the Salah ed Din of the modern times. How could you miss that opportunity to demolish both, America and Israel and leaving Iran to do it solely? Oh great rhetoric, do you know how a war looks like?

You care about the babies of Iraq, Palestinians, etc... How lucky we are you don't need to care about the Jewish children suffering daily rockets from Hamas who is a Muslim charity organization. Oh, their 8 years of rockets in a quantity of thousands were full of candies ammunition that was spreading sweets to the children of Sederot and the Negev.

Since Jews are controlling everyone by proxy, I'm not sure you, Dr. Mahathir are not controlled by them as well. You'll say that you are not controlled, but I can assure you that I'm controlling you. Can you deny it? Even Malaysia is manipulated by Jews, that's why they are not attacking the US and Israel. You should check very well among your government ministers and officials and find the Trojan horses there.

You hate Israel not because of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but you hate only because the hatred of Muslims against Jews, the apes and swine. Your hate is not political, but religious. You are just sinking into the modern era darkness.

You said once in one of your speeches that Muslims should use their brains to get rid of 13 Million Jews dominance among 1.3 billion Muslims. Are you a role model? Do you have the wisdom to do it? Do you have the power to do it? Do you know why your plan is not accomplished? It is because it is not true, not logical, unjustified, not because the Jew are controlling the world by proxy. History is stronger than any empire, leader or people. The Jews survived more complicated events then you are planning, so don't be hoping too much, we survive your approach as well.

Shalom from Hanan, a Jew, Israel.
Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad
Former Malaysian Prime Minister, 1981-2003.


Che underscore Lee said...

good reply my friend!!

In The Nite Garden said...

Life is always a balance between brain and heart, mind and feeling... and they are fighting each other. Which one is growing dominance??? The actions taken will be the answer!

daSetan_7 said...

I took that article from Tun Dr. Mahathir's blog.

In The Nite Garden:
Yeah you are rite. In the end, our actions that matters. But action must be guided by our conscience, and our conscience must be based on the knowledge of religion.

monkibizniz said...

well, the bad people might have all the technologies, but they sure lack humanity.the killings make them less human day after day.something is seriously wrong with these people.but we were warned against the bad, mean, cruel whatever word that can describe these inhuman being of jews.but then we still let them take control over world's major issue, we let them take control over us.we're weak in the inside, and now we're facing the consequences.but as someone told me, now is the time when muslims and the religion islam is at great price.we might suffer in this world, but we'll find happiness in the's just that we're always fooled by this mortal world.


daSetan_7 said...

That's why I said, conscience is important, and it must be based on the knowledge of religion.

"we might suffer in this world, but we'll find happiness in the hereafter."

Question: if we might suffer in this world, why Prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Madinah? At that time, Muslims were depressed and tortured by the Quraysh. Is that what Islam really teaches us?

monkibizniz said...

you mean the palestinians should move out? i dont think lecturer told me that one of Prophet Muhammad's wills is to keep the jews away from Arabs world..until now, only the two Tanah Haram are free from them..

what i mean by that statement is that we prefer to play safe..we detest the war but nothing much was done to actually fight israel..why?because we're afraid that they will crush our little ustazah said that the ideology of nationalism was introduced by the jews so as to weaken the muslims, so that muslims prioritize their nation over islam..the result is obvious..

but during the Judgment Day, our actions today will be article by dr.juanda that i read few weeks ago started with the question; What can we do to help the muslims in palestin so that we will made it through the Judgment Day?

well, what can we do if we're too afraid to do anything?

daSetan_7 said...

Prophet Muhammad's will? Are you certain on this? I've never come across any hadith on that matter. Perhaps you should double check that information...

I think you are wrong. We are not playing safe. But we dont have the power, the ability and the courage to fight back those kafir laknatullah. Look at Egypt; they did not open the Rafah border untuk penghantaran bekalan makanan and perubatan to Gaza. Saudi Arabia; they dont have balls cause they didn't comment anything on the attack. In fact Egypt and Saudi Arabia tak datang pun masa sidang tergempar Liga Arab untuk discuss serangan Israel ke atas Gaza. We are divided!! That's the fact we need to embrace...

monkibizniz said...

who i mean by we are the muslims around the globe..if we unite, there surely will be hope for gaza..

anyway i'm not the person to discuss this..i dont know much about the battle, the war, the religions, the history, the reasons.

but i do think there must be some ways to protect the land..

daSetan_7 said...

Well at least just give your opinion. No harm pun :P

monkibizniz said...

umph..sometimes when i express my opinion, i end up showing how shallow my knowledge is..

daSetan_7 said...

Then start reading a lot of books. Don't confine to your own discipline only. Banyak buku menarik yang boleh dibaca kat luar sana :P

monkibizniz said...

ye baiklah. :D :D

daSetan_7 said...

Bagus anak murid. Ahakzz!!! :P