Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I tried to be strong…..
But I failed….
I am weak…
And now I am left alone….
In the darkness….
Heading to nowhere…..


rehan who said...

you're back :)
not with the expected vibe.
but it's good that you're back.

i'm not in the position to say anything positive right now. because i am feeling exactly as you have written in the post. alone. heading to nowhere. sounds like the narrative of the book of me. :p

anyway, i'm still going to end this comment with a happy smiley. so here goes :)

phoenix said...

you are not weak..
you are only taking time to heal..
from whatever reasons..
from whatever conditions..

the anThropologist said...

Thanx for the smile

Perhaps you are right; and perhaps I was wrong....

nazirul mubin said...

i like...